Oscar de la Renta

Any excuse for some Meryl, right? For those of you interested in the cycle of fashion, I decided to write this post and shed a little light on exactly how the design process works and why everyone’s wearing yellow this year.


We’re a little under two weeks until the start of the Australian Open.  If you’ve been completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information out there with insight on the contenders going into the tournament, I’ve put together this handy little guide.  Here at YVS, we take a more holistic approach towards predicting a champion […]

FROM THE DESK OF ROGER FEDERER Dear Caroline, It’s not the Turkish Airlines Wozniacki Tour. It’s not the Compeed Wozniacki Tour. And it will NEVER be the ProActive Wozniacki Tour. (Have you no dignity?!) You have been disinvited from the Gillette Federer Tour and all future Roger Federer RF(TM) centered events. Please pack your racquets […]


Every week, I read the latest issue of The New Yorker from cover to cover.  I do it in part because I relish the magazine’s unique in-depth reporting, but mostly because I enjoy the satisfying intellectual superiority I feel over others who don’t read it or know of its existence.  Often in conversation, I’ll casually reference The New […]

Looks like delicate flower and all around nice guy Bernard Tomic is in trouble again. Officers were called to the Moroccan Apartments… Gonna stop you right there, cowboy.  Moroccan Apartments?  Was it located on Douchey Lane? …on the glitter strip… …at 5.30am yesterday… …after a fight broke out in the spa between Tomic and a male […]

I.  INTRODUCTION Maria Sharapova: the SEWTA Jade Cole.

The continuation of I’m Not Here To Make Friends: Part I.  If you haven’t seen the first part…


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